API Version

  • /v1 (Stable)

  • v1alpha1 (Recently Merged)

  • v1beta1 (Almost stable)

  • When you query in the cluster the results are shown according to preffered version i.e v1

  • Storage version is a version in which the object is stored in etcd

  • Before returning results to you it is converted to v1

  • Preferred version can be checked at /apis/batch endpoint

  • Enable api groups in api-server at --runtime-config=batch.v2aplha1

API Deprication

  • API elements may only be removed by incrementing the version of API group

  • API objects must be able to round-trip between API versions in a given release without information loss, with the exception of whole REST resources that do not exists in some versions.

  • Other than the most recent API versions in each track, older API version must be supported after their announced deprication for duration of no less than

    • GA (12 month or 3 releases)

    • Beta (9 months or 3 releases)

    • Alpha (0 releases)

  • The preferred API version and the storage version for a given group may not advance until after a release has been made that supports both the new version & previous versions.

  • An API version is a given track may not be deprecated until a new API version at least as stable is released.

Update Manifest versions

kubectl convert -f <filename> --output-version <version>

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