• Command line tool: etcdctl

  • etcdctl set key value

  • Every information you get after running kubectl comes from etcd store

  • ETCD manages information of

    • Nodes

    • Pods

    • Configs

    • Secrets

    • Accounts

    • Roles

    • Bindings, etc

  • 2389 is default port on which etcd listens

ETCD in HA environment

  • It is essential that different etcd instances spread across different master nodes

  • It is important that etcd stores know about each other with right configuration using parameters

  • --initial-cluster is where you specify instances of different etcd service

ETCD commands:

  • etcdctl can interact with ETCD server using 2 & version 3

  • Default is set to version 2

  • Version 2 supports commands

    • etcdctl backup

    • etcdctl cluster-health

    • etcdctl mkdir

    • etcdctl get

    • etcdctl put

  • To set right version of API. Set the environment variable export ETCDCTL_API=3

  • Certificates for etcdctl to authenticate etcdctl api server can be located at

--cacert /etc/kubernetes/pki/etcd/ca.cert
--cert /etc/kubernetes/pki/etcd/server.cert
--key /etc/kubernets/pki/server.key

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