Community and Governance


CNCF Governance boadies are divided into 3 sub parts

  1. Governing board:

    • Responsible for marketing

    • Other business oversights

    • Budget decisions

  2. Techincal oversight committee (TOC):

    • Defining & Maintaining technical vision

    • SIG are part of this

  3. End User Community (EUC):

    • Providing feedback from startups to improve ecosystem

    • End user groups & Usergroups like CNCF Nashik


  • Platinum members

  • Gold member

  • Silver member

  • End user members

  • Academic & Non-profit members

End user Technology Radar

Get Feedback from community to find out recommended and preferred tool. Components are:

  1. Assess (Tried it, looks promising)

  2. Trial (Can have closer look)

  3. Adopt (Clearly recommed it)

CNCF Charter:

It's a big document to help define and guide CNCF. eg: Mission, org structure, policies etc.

CNCF Values:

  • faster is better than slow

  • Open

  • Fair

  • Strong technical identity

  • Clear boundries

  • Scalable

  • Platform agnostic

CNCF Project:

Built by external tech companies. A CNCF project goes through some stages, the following diagram shows the steps in gradully increasing order.

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