• Used to create single node clusters.

  • Minikube is running VM -> running a control-plane and work processes with docker as the container layer

K3s and K3D:

  • K3s is a lightweight tool to run production - level workloads for

    • Low resourced

    • Remotely located IOT & Edge devices

    • Bare metal

    • Created by Rancher

    • Sandbox CNCF Project

  • K3s does not use Kubelet, it uses host machine & its mechanism to run containers.

  • K3s uses kube-proxy to proxy the network connection of the nodes

    • Whereas, K8s uses kube-proxy to proxy the network connection of individual container

  • K3s has more security deployment than K8s

  • K3D is lightweight wrapper that runs k3s in a docker container.

K3s logo


  • Kind is primarily designed to test kuberenetes

  • Kind helps run Kubernetes clusters locall and in CI pipelines using Docker container as "nodes"


  • MicroK8s is created by Canonical and is installed using snap.

sudo snap install microk8s --classic
  • K8s distribution designed to run fast, self healing, and highly available clusters

  • Optimized for quick and easy installations of single and multi node clusters on OS (as long as it has snap)

  • Ideal for running k8s in cloud, local development environment, Edge and IoT devices

  • MicroK8s is modular in design can enable addons for exactly what you need.


  1. Minikube: Development use

  2. Kind: Development use

  3. K3s & K3D: Production use

  4. MicroK8s: Production use

Managed Kubernetes Providers:

  • Google Kubernetes

  • Amazon Elastic Kuberenetes Service (EKS)

  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

  • IBM Cloud Kuberentes Service.

  • Oracle container engine for kubernetes

  • DigitalOcean Kubernetes (DoKs)

  • Civo (Focused on just K8s)

Management Layers

Allows you to extend your control plane to multiple platform

  • Weave K8s platform (WKP)

  • Rafey

  • VMWare Tanzu

  • Azure Arc

  • Google Antlos

  • Platform 9

  • RedHat OpenShift:

    • Plaform as a service for K8s

    • Extended kubectl (Oc Cli)

  • Rancher Kubernetes Engine:

    • Runs within docker container

    • Works on bare metal

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