• Kuberenetes supports many types of volumes

  • A pod can use any number of volume types simultaneously

Types of Volumes:

  • Persistent Volumes:

    • Attaching an external storage to a pod

    • Data will persist after pod termination

  • Ephemeral Volumes:

    • Only exists as long as pod exists

    • Intended for temporary storage

  • Projected Volumes:

    • Maps several existing volumes sources into the same directory

  • Volume Snapshot:

    • Achiving a volume configurations and its data for rollbacks or backup

Persistent Volume:

  • A piece of storage in the cluster that has been provisioned by admin

  • PV is similar to node, as in cluster resource

  • PV does not reside within a node or a pod

  • PVs are volume plugins like volumens but have a lifecycle independent of any individual pod that uses the PV.

  • Mounting pod directly to a stroage is not allowed

Storage class:

Storage class contains:

  1. Provisioner

  2. Parameters

  3. reclaimPolicy

provisioner: kuberenetes.io/aws-ebs

Persistent Volume Claim:

A PVC asked for a type of storage, and if a PV that meets the criteria is matched, the PV is claimed and bound.


A ConfigMap is api object used to store Non confidential data in key-value pairs for pods

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