Contributing Guide

# Contributing

Thank you for considering and taking the time to contribute! Product focuses on 100% education as well as upskilling developing countries and rural areas.

The following are guidelines for contributing to this project.

## How to Report Bugs

Please open [a new issue in the appropriate GitHub repository][new-issue] with steps to reproduce the problem you're experiencing.

Be sure to include as much information including screenshots, text output, and both your expected and actual results.

## How to Request Enhancements

First, please refer to the applicable [GitHub repository][github-repo] and search [the repository's GitHub issues][issues-list] to make sure your idea has not been (or is not still) considered.

Then, please [create a new issue in the GitHub repository][new-issue] describing your enhancement.

Be sure to include as much detail as possible including step-by-step descriptions, specific examples, screenshots or mockups, and reasoning for why the enhancement might be worthwhile.


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