Helm and IaaC


  • Helm is package manager for K8s

  • Helm is broadly composed of 3 components:

    • Chart: Contains all necessary resource definitions to run app, tool on K8s cluster

    • Repository: The palce where charts can be collected and shared

    • Released: An intence of a chart running in K8s cluster

  • Artifacthub is where we find and public helm charts


  • Maybe alternative to Helm

  • It provides more flexibility when writing

  • Kustomize it's built into kubectl

  • Kustomize file defines what will be overwritten in the base component.

Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC):

  • Script to automate, create, update or destory cloud infrastructure

  • IaaC is blueprint of your infrastructure

  • IaaC allows easy share, version or inventory your cloud infrastructure

  • Declarative:

    • Terraform

    • Azure blueprint

    • Cloudformation

  • Imperative:

    • AWS cloud development kit

    • Pulumi

IaaC for Kubernetes:

  • Managin Infra of the cluster:

    • Terraform

  • Managing Infra in the cluster:

    • Helm

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