Information Design

  • Pay attention to the questions people ask. Write them down

  • Put "url" on a question if it was asked and answered multiple times

  • Follow "PDF" Pain-Dream-Fiz

  • Start with a problem space that many people will relate to

  • Use imagery and pain points to make your solution sizzle

  • Put URL on it

  • Write down anything you answer more than once, share it.

  • Follow the model of: Pain, Dream and Fix

  • Design for understanding: A framework for teaching thing to humans

    1. Develop learning objective: Which skills should folks master?

    2. Design an assessment: Choose a project that shows they've mastered that objective, set criteria for success

    3. Select relevant activities: Content, exercises, support that will help them reach the assessment.

  • Assement:

    1. Performance of understanding

    2. Criteria for success

  • Alignment:

    1. Acute Angle assessment: Produce an origami structure/sculpture. use the appropriate vocabulary to describe the origami sculpture. Solve related maths problem.

    2. Criteria for success: Creation of origami sculpture scored by the rubic students explain the sequence of folding sculptures. Correct solution(s) of the followup math question

    3. Create an origami tutorial: Have students describe the folding process using geometric terms. e.g faces, symmetry, edges, rectangles, triangle, etc. as they apply to your chosen origami

Tips for coaching a programming study group

  • Happiness & fun

  • Create a scafe space

  • Never call participants in gender non-inclusinve terms

  • Be humbel: It's not about you

  • Take breaks

  • Ask about previous experiences

  • Keep it as simple as possible

  • Break things down

  • Repeat yourself

  • User metaphors

  • Observe and listen, be flexible

  • Be patient

  • Make zero assumptions

  • Summerize, give a bigger picture

  • Be positive, praise progress

  • Have weak opinions

  • Never cancel a group meeting

  • Build an identity

  • Give long term perspectives

  • Come up with curriculum

  • Focus on your goal

  • Encourage them to join other events

  • Invite guests stars and experts

  • Educate yourself

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